How can you create a virtual relationship with someone if you don’t know them?

Why Now Click Send?


Make Connections

At the a heart of any good relationship is trust and clear communication. We live in a world governed by communication where almost everything we do involves connection in one form or another. 

We want to help you get the most out of every connection and communication you make, to ensure that your first impression isn’t your last


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Wait... now, click, send

The majority of businesses have realised the need to invest in email programmes that assist with recording processes, activity level and follow up, however they ignore a key ingredient of email engagement, content training. 

We teach you how to recognise the needs of your virtual customer and communicate with them effectively, so they become loyal and you sell more.


Our formula

Developed by Dr Mavin Sadovsky from the United States, this inexpensive and totally effective programme will offer you the support and knowledge you need to extend and deepen your current email enquiry systems. 

The programme actually trains you and your teams on how to identify the hidden codes not seen between senders and receivers in emails. We’ll help you build successful relationships with your customers.


Learn to...

Speak the virtual relationship language.

Interpret and decode words and phrases that unlock relationship strategy.

Identify motivations and decision patterns which move the sender to action.